Shane P.

Plays well with others

Welcome to my digital playground.

My goal in life is to make the world around me smarter – humans and technology. I strive to evolve how humans perceive and leverage technology and work to redefine how technology interacts with humans. I believe that to do this effectively, I need to be able to play in many worlds.

This means that you’ll find me anywhere I can have an impact: speaking on a stage, tinkering in the lab, interacting in a board room, chatting at a pub, or annoying all of my friends at a party. Technology is too powerful to simply “let happen”; we need to approach digital transformation with open eyes and thoughtful discussion.

Read My Rambling

I like to shoot my mouth off on the internet. Sometimes it’s entertaining and enlightening; sometimes I come off like a raving madman. You be the judge.

Explore My Research

Investigating Strategies for Robot Persuasion in Social Human-Robot Interaction

…or how I stopped worrying and learned to emotionally manipulate people with a robot PDF

How Robots Influence Humans: a Survey of Nonverbal Communication in Social Human-Robot Interaction

Everything you wanted to know about robot body language (but were afraid to ask) PDF

Asking for Favors: The Effects of Directness and Familiarity on Persuasive HRI

How should a robot speak to you if they want your help? Hint: the answer is not in a threatening way. PDF

Let’s Play!

If you want to pick my brain or have me tinker with yours, get in touch.